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Former students, Daichi Hara (Ski Moguls) and Masaki Shiba (Alpine Snowboard) Road to Beijing Olympic!
Daichi Hara, who was part of the Junior Athlete Program, the High School Program, spent four years and a half at CSBA and Whistler Secondary School and based his training in Whistler and Masaki Shiba who was in the Snowboard Athlete program for one year and afterwards competed as a member of the national team in the World Cup, Both of them has a chance to go to Beijing Olympic.
Daichi Hara won the first medal for Japan in the PyeongChang Olympics and this was the first time Japan got a place on the podium for Men's Mogul. Masaki Shiba became in fifth place in his second run, showing a wonderful run. The two are starting to work towards the Beijing Olympics. Looking forward to both Daichi and Masaki in four years time!
Daichi Hara
Daichi Hara (Ski Moguls)
Masaki Shiba
Masaki Shiba (Alpine Snowboard)
CSBA 25周年
今年是加拿大体育事业学院成立25周年。 我们要感谢所有帮助我们成功的人士。自1996年开业以来,很多学生参加了我们的长期和短期休闲娱乐课程。我们的毕业生活跃于各个领域,包括高尔夫、户外休闲娱乐、体育业和惠斯勒的旅游业。
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