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CSBA is located in the centre of the village. It is a 5-minute walk to the ski resort’s main lifts. In addition to classrooms, we have a student lounge, a space for maintaining equipment, an indoor golf room, a stretching space, a locker room, and accessible restrooms.
We have four classrooms that have desk space for approximately ten students each. Within those classrooms, we host lectures and lessons.
Students enjoy socializing in this space. Inside the space, we have a microwave, kettle and refrigerator for lunch supplies and preparation.
Equipment Maintenance Room
Learning to maintain equipment is important. CSBA provides space and tools to fix and maintain students’ ski, snowboard, bike and golf equipment. The room is fitted with various tools according to season. Students will need to supply items for the repair, such as bicycle tubes or lubricants, ski wax, or golf grips.
Locker Room
Students may keep books and other tools for learning (e.g. snowboards, golf clubs) in the locker room.
Meadow Park Sports Centre
CSBA has a partnership with the local recreation facility. It is just a 10-minute bus ride from our school. In addition to a work out centre, it has a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, fitness studio, squash courts and ice skating rink. Talk to a CSBA counsellor to find out what is included with tuition. Students may be issued a season’s pass or single use tickets depending on use.
We like to place students in the homestay that suits them best, however the number of homestays are limited so all of a student’s desires may not be met. Students who are accepted into homestays, should understand that this type of accommodation is about learning the Canadian family lifestyle. Homestays are within a 30-minute bus ride of CSBA. Homestays include 3 meals per day and utilities (e.g. heating or showers). In some larger homes, 2 to 3 students may be accepted, but in theory each student will have their own bedroom.
Note: It is very difficult to place smokers, especially in homestays. Smoking is banned from homestays, and even if you don’t smoke at home, smoke smell can linger. Smoking cessation prior to arriving at CSBA is highly-recommended.
CSBA can arrange accommodation within a 30-minute bus ride of the school. A share-house offers more independent living than in homestays. Students may share a room with others, which may include Canadians or other international visitors. The kitchen, livingroom and bathrooms are shared spaces, and the contract details can vary depending on the location and number of share-mates.
Note: Smoking is not very common in Whistler. In fact, the ski resort has banned smoking. Share-homes have also banned smoking. Even if you don’t smoke at home, the smell of cigarettes can linger. Smoking cessation prior to arriving at CSBA is highly-recommended.
On-call Interpretation
CSBA has staff that is on-call to help you with translation at your accommodation or at the doctor’s office. We also assist students when using external facilities.
Emergency Assistance
While injury or illness is rare, it does happen. If you must communicate with your insurance company, your family or a medical professional then we can help. We also provide students with the contact information to act in the case of an emergency.
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