Student Experience Testimonials
Snow Sports Professional – Snowboard
Snowboarding in Canada and High School life
Natsuki Sato
Athlete · High School Preparation Course
Currently, I am staying for 4 years in Canada and aiming for the Olympic Games.

I went to Whistler's high school for three years. Although I was worried before entering high school, as I [regularly told] myself, I grew up with nature and friends, and when I graduated I was able to smoothly communicate in English. It was difficult to balance high school life with snowboarding, but I was able to train [for] snowboarding in the best environment supported by many people.
Both English and snowboarding were [new to me], but I enjoyed studying abroad!
Suguru Oue
Instructor Course · 2 years as an instructor
[My goal was] to teach foreigners

I had experienced snowboarding twice before coming to Canada. [My] English ability, was as much as I learned in middle and high school classes, and I could not do any conversation at all. Initially, I had trouble communicating in English […], but I got to Canada's snowboard instructor qualification level 2 during my 2-year stay. Currently I take advantage of the skills I learned in Canada and I am a snowboard instructor in Japan […].
Snow Sports Professional – Ski
Studying abroad in Canada -- aiming for the Olympic Games [as a] Junior athlete
Daichi Hara
Junior athlete · Canada High School entry program

I decided to study abroad for Olympic appearance [in mogul skiing]. In the first-year, I was able to do my best by getting used to my lifestyle. [In] Canada, [you] can work at your own pace without worrying about surroundings. You can now establish your own style year after year. I think that understanding that it is important to prepare for the goal rather than rushing the result, and thinking that working on the results without impatience has led to good results. I will do my best trying to make the best of Canada's experience in the future athlete life -- to become the best in the world.
Aiming at obtaining qualifications and aiming for instructors in Canada
Aya Shimodoi
Ski Instructor Program

I was lost after graduating from college. Although I had never skiing expertly, I decided to study abroad by listening to the story of the staff who would take me down that road. I enrolled later than other students, but since CSBA provides support according to each student, I was able to start without problems […]. While receiving specialized guidance, I developed a goal that I had never thought of, as an instructor in Canada, and I am doing my best to realize it.
Sports Trainer Program
Aiming to become a global trainer who can be active in the world
Mitoshi Mori
Sports Trainer Program

After graduating from a trainer vocational school in Japan, I decided to study abroad [at] CSBA to learn trainer circumstances in North America [.…]. In Canada, I learned how to have communication skills in English through hands-on training such as baseball camp [….]. Thanks to you, I have been nominated for Japan's Trainer of the Year Rookie Prize and now I am working hard as NIKE NRC Coach.
Taking advantage of the experience in outdoor sports in North America
Misato Shida
Sports Trainer Program

I wanted to take advantage of the program [….] and entered the sports trainer program to become a [person of] support [for] the players. CSBA [students] will experience outdoor sports, [like] hiking, and will also advance understanding of sports at the same time. Trainers active in North America always train their bodies to make themselves an [example to the] athletes. Taking advantage of this experience, I work hard as a personal trainer combining treatment and training while moving with the players.
Outdoor & Mountain Bike Program
I learned outdoor study in Canada to an amazing scale
Takako Nakashima
Multi-Program (snowboard / outdoor)

Having studied abroad before, [I wanted] the nature experience [….]. I decided to study abroad at CSBA to learn the skills and knowledge to teach children in the outdoors. In Whistler, it is beyond imagination [what is available to] experience, such as mountain biking, camping, snowboarding, etc. I can not forget that I traveled on an uninhabited island for a week, especially by sea kayak. I realize that it was also the result of this study that I was able to teach English to the children at the facility in my town and get a job teaching snowboarding in English.
Aiming to participate in the World Cup
Kei Nakaii
Mountain Bike Junior Athlete / Canadian High School Admission Program

I entered Japanese high school once, but I had a dream that I wanted to be on the world stage by all means. I entered CSBA's Junior athlete program. The mountain bike environment of Whistler is a facility, the course is world class and the mountain bike is part of life. Top riders gather from all over the world, touching top-class technologies, and practicing under excellent coaches -- leaders. From now on, I will go to high school in Whistler and aim [to be a] rider who can fight in the world.
Golf Athlete Development Program
Aiming to study in Canada
Kate Ueki
PGA Canada Professional qualification acquisition program

I was playing golf in Japan, but after entrance to university, I can not really do anything seriously [….]. CSBA was recommended by my relatives and I decided to take a drastic [change and] study abroad. CSBA always took care of target setting, learning to think and tackle, to challenge without fear of failing, and then I noticed I was challenging the high wall. I had never thought [of] qualifying and [playing in] the Canadian Women's Open. I went to Golf Study Abroad where I learned to imagine the future and continue to challenge [myself].
I felt infinite possibilities and the future became a reality with a life in Canada
Takanori Uchida
Golf athlete program

[My] golf was intermediate level, but I dreamed of participating in the tour and went to CSBA to study abroad. Without being denied my dream, I received advice that "There are more possibilities in the world." "First of all, I see the world and imagine the future and set accurate goals". Goals are gradually established at school, so that we can learn through golf and see development [over time]. Now we are working on training and practical experience aiming at PGA Canada 's Class A qualification.
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